Solar 101 – Introduction to solar power

The first video in a series that aims to teach you everything you need to know about solar power.

This series will cover every topic related to solar power such as assessing how many panels you need, measuring the output of panels, choosing a charge controller, deciding between off-grid (battery storage with AC Inverter) or on-grid with grid-tie inverters and so on.

In this first video, I give a quick overview of solar power and look at the two simplest ways to get started with solar.

I talk about portable solar power units like the Anker 14W which allows you to charge two usb devices (cell phones, tablets etc) but doesn’t include a battery for night time charging.

I talk about portable power banks with built in solar panels (useless!).

I also talk about a small individual solar panel wired directly (with a diode) to a battery. Consuming the energy with car accessories such as in-car usb chargers and bulbs/fans designed to use inside vehicles.

In the future we’ll explore larger panels which require charge controllers, big deep cycle batteries and inverters.

This video is primarily aimed at my viewers in the Philippines, but the knowledge is universal.

Solar power in the Philippines, Metro Manila and the provinces is exploding right now; with every home, business and government unit trying to get in on the action. With an increase in rolling brownouts as the power companies struggle to keep up with the demand, expect more people to turn to solar.

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