Saving Money on Electricity – Solar Energy Pros and Cons

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There are many reasons one might want to break connections with their local power company. It may be due to high costs or just because they want to ensure the health of the planet. Despite the reason, saving money on electricity using off grid power system is not only something one can do themselves, it is also easier than what most people believe.

Fortunately, today there are many alternatives that vary in the price of construction and installation of devices that generate electricity. Many allow users to break ties with electric companies completely, called off grid or hybrid systems, while others, called feed-back grid systems, utilize many benefits of traditional electric company users, but to receive a discount on monthly bills. Either way, users save much money along the way.

One of the most commonly known off grid systems is solar power. This system completely severs user ties with electric companies relieving them of any future bills. Even when the home is located in a remote location that receives a considerable amount of sun, this system ensures that all the comforts of our high tech world can be had at no cost. The disadvantage is that there are no backup systems in case the solar energy goes down; however, batteries often last for some time.

Another option is a magnetic power generator. This system can serve either off grid or as part of a hybrid system. If using it as a feed-back grid system, it is important to note that the power made by the homeowner is sent directly to the power company and there are no batteries used. Those utilizing this system save on their electric bill in that any amount sent to the electric company is credited back to offset the amount used.

The magnetic power generator can also be used completely off grid. If the power for the rest of the neighbourhood goes down, the homeowner with this system can rest assured that they will still be up and running. Although the initial cost of equipment is a little higher and it must be maintained by the homeowner, knowing there will never be another electric bill provides peace-of-mind for many whose bills have become exorbitant over the past few years.

For those who like saving money on electricity using off grid power system with flexible options, a hybrid system may be the answer. Drawing from solar panels, wind turbines, and / or gas generators in any combination, these systems allow electric customers to break all ties with electric companies while providing options that will allow for weather conditions and other factors that may limit energy production. The object in the end is to save money in a way that is fairly simple and cost-effective. As such, the first place to look is at energy consumption.

Source by Gary Ashby