Save Money and Make a Better Environment With a Home Built Wind Generator

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Have you looked into alternative energy sources for your home? If this is so you potentially have discovered that a home built wind generator is one of the most cheap method of providing that energy. Solar panels can be extraordinarily expensive and not essentially as effective as a turbine. This is one of the main reasons why many people are looking towards wind power as a method to provide electricity to their homes.

How Much Electricity Can a Home Built Wind Generator Provide? It may surprise you to find out that a home built wind generator can offer up to 1000 watts of electricity every day. This is sufficient for most families to power their home for a 24 hour period. It is simply conceivable to bring your house totally off of the normal source of electricity.

While a home built wind generator does not take up much space, you will need to install the turbines or blades, in an area that does not have too many obstacles. Most pros agree that the blades have to be about 20 feet higher than the trees, buildings, or other obstacles in the area.

The parts wanted to build a wind generator are very common and most can be discovered at no cost or for very little money at your local junkyard. You may also need a tower (consider an old Television antennae tower), a battery bank (you can recondition the batteries) and blades (recycled PVC). The other parts can usually be found in your own backyard.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Home Built Wind Generator?
You can check with the National Climatic Data Center to see what the average wind speed is where you stay. Most experts agree that a typical wind speed of nine miles per hour will provide enough energy to power the average home over the course of a day.

If you are simply tired of paying out your hard earned money to the local electric company, it is time to think about building your own wind generator. Even if you are not so mechanically inclined, you will be amazed how simple it is to complete this project. You may also have the satisfaction that includes building your own wind generator. You are doing your part to help the environment and your pocket book at the same time! Is not it time you started brooding about your family's future?

Source by Malcolm U Bass