Residential Wind Turbines – Cut Your Energy Bills

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Wind turbines have been in existence for a very long time now. As soon as we hear the wind turbine images of huge towers with massive blades come to mind. With rapid advances in technology though, compact residential wind turbines have become a reality. They are so compact in size that you can easily install them in your backyard. You can now cut down on your energy bills, as well as contribute towards a cleaner environment.

The working mechanism involved in residential wind turbines is quite simple. Wind turns the blades of the domestic turbine, which is in turn connected to a DC motor. The current that is induced is then stored in batteries. You can then use it to power various different home appliances such as a computer or a TV.

The internet is a good source of information, if you want to build your own wind turbine. In fact the rising popularity of residential wind turbines can be directly attributed to numerous online guides on the topic.

Proper planning holds the key to building your own wind turbine. You should first of all make a list of all the things that you will need for the project. Building your own wind turbine need not be a costly affair. You can easily shop for most of the supplies at a local hardware store.

For those living in a windy area, a short tower will do. Conversely for those living in an area where there are only low winds, they need to put up a tower that is a tall enough to catch the wind. Even a slight breeze though is enough to turn the technologically advanced blades that you find these days.

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