Residential Wind Generators – A New Era

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The time has come to take action. Yep that's right; it's time to fight back. Residential wind generators are just one way of doing this. I'm no different than you, I too am looking for ways to fight the craziness of the last 6 months and put some money back into my pocket. Well saving 100% on my over inflated power bill by building my own residential wind generator is the best way so far I have found to fight the system.

For a few months I shopped around for a residential wind generator. The least expensive one I found was around 2700 $ and that was not installed. Well I thought a residential wind generator was a great idea but there was no way I could afford the costs to get one. Even at $ 2700 I knew I would be saving a lot of money. However the problem was coming up with the upfront money for a residential wind generator.

I decided to look around the internet to see what was available for residential wind generators. I saw a system that would allow me to have my own residential wind generator up and running for around 200 $. Well I quickly wrote it off as a scam and went on to the next ads. However I kept ending up back at the $ 200 dollar ad so I decided to investigate a little further. It still looked a little too good to be true and you know what they say about that but I decided to order the manual and see where I ended up.

So now I had the manual to build my very own residential wind generator. I had to go to my local recycler and hardware store to get all the parts I needed. Now it was just really a matter of putting in some time and effort on my part. I pretty much started on a Friday evening and with the use of my own tools and the $ 200 worth of supplies I obtained by Sunday evening I had my own fully functional residential wind generator.

I'm telling anyone that wants to listen that with a few tweaks and a couple adjustments on how I use my power I no longer pay a power bill. I took action and built my own residential home generator and now I can feel good about quite a few things. You can benefit from my time spent. I managed to build and erect the entire system myself and I am truly doing my part to help save the earth. So not only is my residential home generator saving me a large sum of money I am also ensuring a clean, surviving place for my grand kids to grow up in.

Source by Branden Jacobson