Renewable Energy Solution – Pros and Cons to Using Solar Power in Your Home

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Are you considering an alternative energy solution for your home? Perhaps you are thinking of installing a solar power system for your energy needs but you what to take a look at the many benefits versus a few of the challenges that come with using solar energy. Listed below are the pros and cons to using solar power in your home.

Pros to Solar Power

1.       Inexpensive Energy – After the initial cost, using solar energy is virtually free to use and you will eliminate your energy bills for your home.

2.       Quiet to Operate – Solar energy is very quiet to operate compared to wind turbines that can be noisier.

3.       Space Saving – Solar panels take up less space because they can be installed on rooftops. By having your solar panels on top of your roof it keeps them out of the way and they are seldom seen.

4.       Better than Traditional Power Lines – If you live in a remote area, it may be cheaper to install solar energy than to lay the required high voltage power lines.

Cons to Solar Power

1.       Initial cost of solar panels in one drawback but this can be greatly reduced by making your own solar panels.

2.       Solar panels may not be as efficient in some polluted areas and in some weather conditions.

So, as you can see, the pros to solar power far outweigh the cons. A solar energy system for your home is a great investment that will start paying for itself while providing you with a cleaner, renewable energy solution.

Source by Rhonda Percell