Renewable Energy From a Magnetic Generator

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Trying to save on electricity is more than just trying to save energy to help the earth, it is becoming used more now as an alternative source of electricity to help save on electric bills. The options for renewable energy are getting easier to use now and other methods of creating energy are becoming available.

Aside from solar and wind power, a new emerging source of electricity is the magnetic generator. Based on the attraction and propulsion of magnetic polls attracting and repelling each other, perpetual motion is gained which can be converted into electricity. The magnetic generator has the ability to produce more electricity than it uses.

This means of creating electricity needs no other source of energy for it to operate, creating truly free electricity after the initial costs of materials. These generators can be easily manufactured for use in the home as supplemental electricity and if large enough can power the whole home. For someone with a little mechanical skill, they could build their own magnetic generator.

There are guides and blueprints available to use in the process of building a magnetic generator and the costs of materials are around $100.00 and are easily found. If you where to build one to use for supplemental power, you could possibly save from 20 – 50% on your energy bill.

There has been some negative comments about these generators, some saw they do not work. There are people using them successfully around the world. It is believed a lot of these negative comments are from those industries that may feel threatened by the possibility of the magnetic generators success.

Source by Josh Stevens