Rechargeable Camping LED lights – Power Bank with Solar Charger and USB Port – Portable Outdoors Camp Lantern for Tent lighting, Hiking, or Charging Cellphone – With FREE Keychain Flashlight

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SUITECH’s Rechargeable Camping Light with FREE Keychain Flashlight
– Tired of carrying bulky and heavy lights when camping?
– Hate the inconvenience of replacing conventional batteries?
– Need a portable light source and a power bank to charge your cellphone?

Look no further! The SUITECH’s Rechargeable Camping Light set is all you need!
This set of rechargeable lights will save you money and time on battery replacement. As long as the sun is in the sky, you will be able to recharge them! Aside of providing you with virtually unlimited energy source for lighting, you will also enjoy the benefit of charging your cellphone on the go! Camping has never been so convenient before! Brilliant!

Camping Light:
– Brightness: 80 LM on LOW / 110 LM on HIGH
– Work Time: 6 Hours on Low Brightness / 4 Hours on High Brightness.
– Battery Capacity: 800mAh.
– Full Recharge Time: 2 Hours on Direct Sunlight / 30 Minutes via USB.
– Waterproof Rating: IP 65

USB Rechargeable Mini Keychain Flashlight
– Brightness: 50 LM.
– Work Time: 2.5 Hours on full charge.
– Battery Capacity: 600mAh.
– Recharge Time: 25 Minutes.
– Charging Method: USB Port.

– One (1) Rechargeable Solar Camping Light.
– One (1) Micro USB Cable.
– One (1) FREE USB Rechargeable Keychain flashlight.

We Can Only Guarantee This Special Pricing While Supply Last. Buy Now!

ENJOY CAMPING AND WORRY LESS ABOUT LIGHTING: At SUITECH, we’ve designed our camping light to be very bright without being bulky and adding extra weight to your backpack. Also, with our FREE Rechargeable Mini Keychain flashlight, you will be able to take a night walk without tripping!
NEVER RUN OUT OF POWER AGAIN: As long as there is a sun in the sky, power is everywhere around you. The solar panel on our camping light will catch enough power during the day to completely charge the battery on the camping light, the keychain, and your CELLPHONE if necessary!
SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS: Exchanging batteries is an unnecessary and expensive pain. With our exclusive light combo, never worry about replacing a battery again. Between charges, the lithium battery will last longer than any other light source with conventional batteries. If the keychain needs to be recharged, just plug it on the camping light via USB!
HIGHLY PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT: With the provided spring-assisted keychain hook, hang the light on your backpack and take it anywhere! The hook will let you attach it to your backpack very easily. The lightweight design will let you hang it from any string inside the tent, or on a tree branch.
BEST REPLACEMENT PROMISE: SUITECH guarantees the healthy life on any of their lights! If the light burns out, we will replace them for FREE! You can’t go wrong with one (1) Year FREE replacement warranty! If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you a 100% refund within 30 days of purchase; NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Add a set to your shopping cart today for a risk-free experience!