REBUNE 3000W-3600W Hair Dryer High-Power Hot/Cold Wind Pro 5-Speed Free Nozzles Styling Tools Salons Hair Drier For Home&Salon With Leakage Protection Switch

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3000W-3600W blue light anion Hair Dryer (once the short circuit caused by leakage, leakage protection function is automatically activated to ensure the safety of you and your family)When the switch is powered down, press the red button,The hair dryer continues to work
Anti-radiation function, super power, blue light anion drying the hair quickly, sparing the cuticles from excessive heat exposure and locking in moisture and shine.
enabling it to penetrate directly into the cortex of hair cuticles, heating from the inside out. The hair is heated evenly, and in half the time of conventional heat, reducing the risk of damage.
Moisture on the surface of the hair brakes apart into smaller droplets which are absorbed into the hair.
Moisture is then locked within the cuticles to give a protective barrier to reduce chemical and bacteria build-up.