RainLeaf 10′ x 10′ x 14′ Right Triangle Sun Shade Sail for Outdoor and Patio, 2nd Generation, Desert Sand

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Rainleaf Sun Shade Sails Canopy
With rich experience in designing and manufacturing shade sails, Rainleaf Generation shade sail comes with strong stitched seam and knitting technology which make them more solid and durable.
Sun shades are designed for outdoor life by keep hot and harmful UV rays away. shade sail is made of HDPE (High-density polyethylene). They can provide up to 93-95% of UV rays blockage.
While keeping the hot away, shade sails also let the wind come in. So you can enjoy summer cool without being sunburned.
Rainleaf is a dedicated sun shade sail supplier. And we promise to deliver high quality products and best customer service.

Sun shade sail Canopy is popular with its easy installation. It is can be set up in a few minutes whenever or wherever is needed. Especially the ones with stainless steel hardware kit, they can be even more easily set up without extra tools.
Sun shade sail Canopy can be used as patio shade, garden shade and other outdoor shade, also they are suitable for courtyard, lawn, swimming pool, driveway, backyards, courtyards, gardens,bedroom,deck,sailboat,gazebo. etc.
You can even design you own patterns with triangle sun sails and rectangle sun sails. 
This canopy will make your place POP with vivd color

Rainleaf shade sails are made of HDPE, which Won’t rot, mildew, mold or fade.
Unlike cloth or canvas materials, water can run through it, so they are always keep dry and without pooling water after rains. Also they’re easy to clean with soap.

We suggest you take your shade sail canpoy down when off season or before storms.
Manufacturer warranty of 5 years. Get one for yourself and your home, Start ENJOYING SUMMER!
3nd Generation sail shade with improved stitched seam and knitting technology,sail shade is more solid and durable.
Made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), RainLeaf 200gsm sail shade to block up to 95% of harmful UV rays.
Perfect sun shade sail for driveway, swimming pool, patio, backyards, courtyards, gardens,bedroom,deck,sailboat,gazebo.
Breathable enough sunshade sail to let cool wind in while keeping hot away, and let water through without ponding after rain.
Ready to hang up. Easy Installation and Cleaning. Won’t rot, mildew or mold. Having 5 years warranty for all our shade sail.