Pure Honey – Good For You, Inside and Out

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Pure honey is a sweet and tasty food choice, and a healthy one. While some processed types contain added sugar and water, pure honey is simply everything good that comes from bees. It’s most amazing health affects come in its antibiotic properties; it has a high acidity and a mix of bee enzymes that make it highly resistant to most mold and bacteria. This makes honey good for the digestive track, among other things.

Pure honey is sweeter than sugar, and though it has more calories than sugar by weight, the fact that it is sweeter means people use significantly less, thus generally consuming fewer calories than they would sugar. Some researchers have found honey to have a positive impact on diabetic blood sugar, causing a much slower rise in blood sugar levels than refined sugar. Honey contains minerals, amino acids, and anti-oxidants that are healthful additions to any diet. Buckwheat honey can also help coat and sooth sore throats. When used as a sugar replacement, pure honey has value in weight control. Refined sugars are converted to fat stores much more easily than honey – it can actually help metabolize cholesterol and fatty acids.

One hundred percent pure bee’s honey has many uses outside the body, as well. It has been said that Cleopatra herself recognized the rejuvenating effects, often bathing in milk and honey to maintain her youthful appearance. It’s antibiotic properties are so strong that it can be used as a replacement for conventional ointments and wound treatments; some experiments have shown that diluting it with purified water can actually increase this effect, turning the honey into something similar to hydrogen peroxide. Some have even suggested that, though honey is sweet, its antibacterial properties are good for teeth, helping slow the growth of dental plaque and bacteria.

This amazing sweetener has an indefinite shelf-life, due to the antibiotic properties. While it may become crystallized in time, simply putting the container into a bowl of hot water for about 15 minutes will return it to liquid, tasty, pure honey.

Source by Lory Sanchez