Pros and Cons of Wind Turbines, Does it Worth It?

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In short: resounding yes. Many are against wind turbines and wind farm building, and I have to admit they have a few good reasons other than the stupid „I don’t like the look of wind mills in the countryside”. Well, I don’t like that the Arctic is getting smaller and smaller every day, and the fact that maybe my children won’t be able to experience the world as it is today. Letting go of the untouched view is a small sacrifice in exchange for nothing less than the whole future of Earth.

Other than the panorama there are a few reasons why one wouldn’t choose wind turbines over regular electricity generation:
Wind turbines do not produce constantly. Their performance varies based on the actual power of the wind. This can be from zero to storm force!
Efficiency is not the best available: a modern turbine running at its normal pace can deliver power to 500 households. Count quickly how many would be needed for a city with 20 million habitants?
It is not true that wind turbines are 100% environment friendly, because when factories produce them, they do emit pollution into the air. But that is a onetime pollution against the constant negative effects of regular ways.
They are noisy creatures. One turbine can produce the same level of noise as a car travelling at 60mph on the highway! You certainly don’t want that under your window constantly.

BUT almost all of these are against the industrial versions, not the ones built for home usage.

The wind is free, and it can be captured with good efficiency nowadays compared to the results some decades ago.
They do not take large portion of lands like solar farms do! The land around these small towers can be cultivated or used in a different way without any problem!
The other half of people thinks they add to the view of the landscape!
If you live on the top of the hill or miles away from any civilization you can still generate your own power with smaller wind turbines!
And the last and best one: you can build one yourself! It’s an easy process and nowadays there are complete guides available. You can view a few of these on the link found at the end of this article!

Source by Mark Gavalda