Prius Solar Build P1 – Add stealth removable solar to your RV Car SUV Van Camper

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Adding Solar Power to a Toyota Prius can be a challenge – here is my solution to creating a 120 watt solar system that can be mounted multiple ways, is easily …



14 thoughts on “Prius Solar Build P1 – Add stealth removable solar to your RV Car SUV Van Camper

  1. Jim Scheltema

    I know you don't want to drop to a 50w panel, but if you used a smaller panel, couldn't you use it while driving as well? Wouldn't that compensate for it being a smaller panel?

  2. Bridges Family Child Care

    Thanks for doing this, I love the stuff you put out…I have been thinking about doing just this and want to use a lithium battery, any pointers? Also, I may need to increase the watts someday, can you join two of these panels together?

  3. Ray Sills

    I recall once seeing a Prius at the car dealership where my son works, that had what appeared to be a factory-installed solar panel on the roof of the car. It was identically sized to fit the roof, but it clearly was a solar panel. I haven't seen one since, so I don't know if it really was a factory option or an after-market add-on that fit perfectly. Still, it struck me as a great thing to have for a Prius… even if you aren't using your car as a dwelling. 😉

  4. Mino Purcell

    Good Video. at 2.58 it shows a good diagram of how Prius Works. what confuses me is on diagram on Display in the Prius is that the 12v Battery or the Hybrid Battery????. Because some other Videos from Toyota it talks about the Hybrid Battery.. and how you connected Solar to the 12v, will that damage the Hybrid Battery in long run???

  5. Raina Fortini

    You weren't by any chance driving through New York in the past few months were you? I could've sworn I saw someone and I thought later "I bet that was Stealth Prius Camper guy!" And regretted not saying hello. That couldnt have been you right?

  6. jerbunch

    Thank you for this. Another question I have is how do you lock your doors when your sleeping in your Prius, since it would open with the keyless entry and you have the key in the car with you??

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