PowerMax+2KW Wind Turbine for Home and Business

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This generator produces 2kw three phase unregulated AC at 20 mph wind speed with a maxium output of 2.5 kw at 25 mph. The AC is converted to 48v DC by the charge controller to charge a 48v battery bank. With a proper inverter, you can get 120v from the battery bank to power your appliances or feed back to the grid. This low cost and easy setup system is the most economical solution on the market for you to reduce your carbon trace. This solution is very applicable for homes, cabines, small businesses and schools which want to reduce the electricity bill, teach students about the renewable energy, promote green awareness around your communities. This listing includes generator assembly, charge controller and 20 foot electrical cable.

CMS also offers the compatible low cost towers and deep cycle batteries.CE listed and ISO 9001 certified. 1 Year Warranty
Start up at 5.59 mph wind speed
Powerful generator produces 2KW at 26.84 mph wind speed
Rotor Diameter is 11 feet. Charge 48v battery bank
Applicable for on-grid or off-grid applications