PowerMate Solar Cell Phone Charger Dual USB Port Power Bank 5000mAh Portable Solar Charger for Cell Phone, Tablet, Camera, iPhone, iPad [Water-Resistant,Shock-Resistant and Dust-Proof]

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Dual USB Charger Ports
The PowerMate external battery is equipped with dual USB charging ports that can be used to charge two devices simultaneously.
High Capacity
The rechargeable, high-capacity battery is able to provide enough power to charge the devices that keep you connected to the world. It will be able to fully charge your iPhone 6 two times, Samsung Galaxy S7 two and a half times and most smartphones up to three times!
Portable Design
It provides your devices with battery life when you most need it – while running, hiking, climbing, cycling or simply away from other power source.
Solar Panel
It comes with a hook so you can simply attach it to your backpack as you’re walking and it will start charging using the solar energy. Please note: We recommend using solar panel as a supplemental source of energy only.
Led Flashlight Function
To activate an LED Flashlight simply double click the power button! It can be used as an emergency- , flash- or tent light.
Package includes
1 x Solar Charger, 1 x Hook, 1 x Micro USB cable, 1 x Instruction Manual
World Famous Warranty
The product you are about to purchase is backed up by 12-month ‘normal use’ manufacturer’s warranty.

Attention: It takes only few hours to fully charge this exterior battery using the wall charger and up to 40 hours under direct sunlight using the solar panel.
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HAVE YOU EVER MISSED AN IMPORTANT CALL or couldn’t make one because your phone’s battery drained? Power Mate Solar Charger 5000 mAh is what you need to stay connected with your friends and family at all times.
PORTABLE, WATER RESISTANT AND RELIABLE – Power Mate is perfect companion for your outdoor activities like running, biking and hiking.
BUILT-IN SOLAR PANEL is there for emergency power. Expose Power Mate to the sun and it will absorb the solar energy when none of other power sources are available (camping, hiking or..desert island?)
LED FLASHLIGHT easily activated by double-clicking the power button and can be used as an emergency-, tent- or flashlight.
COMPATIBLE WITH USB DIGITAL DEVICES – cell phone (~2.5 charges) , MP3 player (~2 charges), tablet (~1 charge), bluetooth speaker(~1 charge) or headphones(~3charges), you name it – Power Mate will charge it. Please note: The amount of charges is approximate and will depend on your device’s battery type and capacity.