Power Electronics and Renewable Energies

One of the biggest challenges of the 21st century lies in the transition to sustainable energy sources moving away from climate damaging fossil energy sources to the widely spread use of solar energy. Solar energy is harvested through many renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, wind power and hydropower.

Power Electronics is needed to feed wind and solar power into the grid, e.g. Solar inverters for photovoltaic and frequency converters for wind generators. Furthermore, power electronics is the key technology for low-loss HVDC power transmission and for the stabilisation of the power grids while the share of fluctuating renewable energies is increasing.

We are experiencing changing times from the carbon era to the age of solar power, and from an energy consuming society to an energy efficiency society.

In the “All-Electric-Society” vision, sustainable electrical energy forms the basis of the energy supply. We use electrical energy efficiently in all areas of life such as at work or home and for mobility and leisure. One key to achieving this vision is power electronics.

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