Platinum Choice Products -Solar Phone Charger Camouflage-Best Outdoor Accessory for Charging Batteries without a Battery!

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Saved by the Sun

Have You Ever Found Yourself In Any of These Situations?

You brought your family to the beach arriving early and staying late. Your daughter has brought her cell phone to play music and keep in touch with friends BUT then finds that her cell phone battery is low (must have been from sending all those videos of the beach to friends). She doesn’t have to go home to charge her phone. Luckily you bring out your Solar Phone Charger and save the day!


You own one of the new flying RC drones or an RC helicopter and you want to take it to the park for the day but the battery only will last for 7 minutes of flying before it needs to be recharged. Luckily you brought along your solar charger by Platinum Choice products which allows you to charge the battery back up to 100% in a little over 1 hour. More flying and more fun!

New Product – First Time in USA- Introducing Direct Solar Charging

• Most solar chargers on the market today charge an internal battery that will then charge your device generally only to 50 or 60%. Additional problem, the batteries get hot in the sun and fail to take a charge! Our Charger has no battery and charges your device directly.

• Portable very lite (no heavy battery) just 7 ounces.

• 11″ x 8″ solar panel generates 800mAh at 5 Volts in full sun for fast charging

• Attaches to backpacks, bikes, tents, etc. with two built in grommets.

• Charges Androids, GoPros, RC Batteries, cameras etc.

• NOTE: Not for charging iPhones.

• Just in case for those who really need to know. This SOLAR charger only works in FULL SUN.

➨This is a must have for anyone who lives or loves being on the go and wants the freedom of no longer being connected to a wall or car charger.
➨No battery to fail. Connects directly to your device and will charge to 100% in full sun. Shock proof and drop proof. Light weight (7 ounces) and easy to carry or attach to backpack.
➨Indispensable for outdoor enthusiast that use their phone as a camera, compass, and communication device when backpacking, biking, fishing, hiking, camping, boating. Compatible with almost any smart device with an input of DC 5V, ie. Smartphones, PSP, Bluetooth speakers & headphones, Google Glass, and MP3 / MP4 players, GoPro camera, other cameras, RC Cars and Drone batteries.
➨Perfect to keep iPod or phone charged while listening to music at the beach!! Take with you when traveling, especially in other countries for added peace of mind. PLEASE NOTE: This charger will not work with iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 as they use a different voltage.
➨When you order today, you’re protected by a 60 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and world class customer service! Available colors are Blue, Green, Yellow Orange and Camouflage.