Part 5 – (Cradle built!) Suburbia backyard corner solar panel cradle/racking system

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WOO HOO! Got the cradle system constructed. Lots of work the past two days. One step closer to moving 1,200w in Renogy mono panels off of the pergola extension and onto a dedicated platform. The “cradle” system will be stronger and able to take advantage of better sun year round. The angle will be 51-53 deg and can be adjusted. I will be using Superstrut (Unistrut) and Grade 8 bolts/washers/stainless steel locking nuts. I get those from Tractor Supply…much cheaper than Lowe’s or Home Depot (biggest rip-off this side of the Mississippi). The whole goal of this array is to make use of the best sun I can living in suburbia with fences and shading to contend with. Strength is also important. Since I live in “Tornado Alley” there are winds that can take roofs off and flatten houses. If an EF5 tornado hit my area…not even my solar panels will survive…so, screw it, let insurance pay for it all and start afresh. I have been working on solar panels for almost three years and have learned a lot from watching videos, talking with others, and costly ($$$) mistakes. But, you live and learn! Lemme know what you think and comment below, hit the “share” button, and “like” if you want.