Our Locking Torklift Battery Box Install For RV Battery Bank * Solar Vlog E8 * Full-time RV Living*

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How to install a Torklift lockable / locking battery box on your RV / travel trailer tongue. Increasing your RV battery bank is a must for off grid RV camping …



13 thoughts on “Our Locking Torklift Battery Box Install For RV Battery Bank * Solar Vlog E8 * Full-time RV Living*

  1. I'm Not Lost I'm RVing

    *For Anybody asking about the weight* *READ HERE*
    Our rig has a GVWR (max weight) of 8800 pounds and weighs 6295 pounds dry (unloaded).
    8800 – 6295 = 2535 lbs of carrying capacity (aka storage, these batteries, etc)
    2535 – 432 lbs of batteries means we can still carry 2100 lbs of stuff.
    If you look into weight distribution while loading a trailer they tell you to put the heavier items towards the tongue, and lower down. Lighter items go up higher towards the rear of the trailer. This is why storage bays on travel trailers and fifth wheels are typically right near the front of the RV 🙂 We also planned the weight of these batteries into our sway controller hitch purchase from the get go. Thanks for watching by the way!

    ↓↓ *Want more info on our system? READ THESE* ↓↓
    Battery Info Article: : http://www.imnotlostimrving.com/battery-info/
    Our Entire Solar / Off Grid Set Up: http://www.imnotlostimrving.com/rv-off-grid-set-up/
    Battery Wiring Made Easy:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIX_UvSM2yk
    Solar Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeWe9so3BqDvsX29dxPagbzTWFDRKGHn3

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  2. David Downs

    Hey guys! I started following you way back in August but hadn't "Subscribed" and then you had the contest for the 1000th subscriber and I waited to be that person and then life got in the way (I bought an RV – 2018 Grand Design 2600rb) and here I am several months later finally subscribed. I think your Solar Installation series is great and I'm excited to see the remainder of it. Tom you obviously are a very detail oriented person and that's fantastic for the How To videos you are making. Your Q&A was great! I haven't read the comments on the videos as I'm just watching YOU guys versus paying attention to comments. I thought it was interesting you made a comment Tom about posts that people made about Stacy. That's sad that you have to cope with that as part of your experience. I will just say she's got pretty eyes and leave it at that. I'm really sorry you are having all the fall out from Irma. SOOOOOO disappointing to have your plans interrupted by something like that. I'm glad you are safe at least and the results could have been far worse. Have you considered using Patreon? I currently sponsor a couple sailing around the world and a family of RVer's (Keep Your Daydream) as well as a local Podcast. Even if only 100 of your subscribers sponsored you at $2 a video that's $8 per month times 100 = $800 to help you on your way… Keep up the good work and I hope to see you out there!

  3. Lawrosa1

    Im not sure why you put two panels in parallel with the other two.. I assumed when talking MPPT you want to max the volts of the controller… I would hook 4 in series to each controller… That controller can max @ 100 volts… I would be curious to see the difference in your amps the way you have it verses two series strings.. If your worried about the whole shading claim then you drank the cool aid… With an RV your either in an open field in the sun or your in the shade under trees.. I mean I get 20 amps from 1 panel 280watts and my cheap 50volt ecoworthy controller…


  4. Bill Redding

    Looks like a very sturdy/durable battery-box — and can hold 4 batteries (at least 12v types…not sure about taller (if they are?) 6v golf-cart batteries, or the newer lithium batteries (which seem to be taller)! Additionally, a sturdy box like this may even deter battery theft. Great! As for the exposed holding strap, you might want to spray some UV-protectant on it to protect from sun damage over time. I agree with Richard suggesting you cover the ratchet to keep it clean: I'd spray with it with a heavy-duty silicone spray first, then cover it with something waterproof like plastic-bag/wrap, with a twist-tie at each end to keep it on/seal it from moisture/dirt — I prefer to use those Velcro straps (handy for LOTS of things!) you can get at places like Best Buy, Lowes and Home Depot — as seen here:

    I'd also like to compliment you both on your work re: improvements you've done on your RV, especially the solar-power-system you've installed: Well thought out, attention-to-detail and nice clean professional-looking results. If you two were RV techs @ a shop somewhere, you're the ones I'd want working on MY rig (if I weren't doing it myself). 🙂

    Merry Christmas,
    — BR

  5. Ron Henderson

    Hey Thomas, looking really nice on the continued install. I'm curious about the installation of the electric leads from the charger/inverter stored in the basement, I've viewed the fabrication of the mounting base, have you completed yet?
    Thanks, Ron

  6. Ken

    I've got a question, will the box hit your bumper if you are turning sharply backing up? I have a similar TT and am
    worried about clearance issues as the box does stick out from the frame.

  7. M. Forest Shipps

    That is a cool setup, but doesn't that add too much weight to the tongue? Don't you have your propane bottles mounted on the tongue as well? If not, then what adjustments do you have to make if any, i.e., larger sway control or bigger hitch, relocating propane bottles to help compensate for the extra weight? Thanks for the great video.

  8. Richard Peebles

    Nice work.  I would consider finding something to cover the ratchet portion of your strap.  As you travel, dirt, water, and other debris will find its way into the ratchet.  Over time that thing will become difficult to operate and you may end up having to cut your strap if you need to remove a battery for any reason.  Just my opinion, but otherwise nice looking work.  Enjoy the journey.

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