One-to-many Premium HDMI Splitter Products Market Review

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The simplest way of getting a single HDMI input connection to work with two compatible displays is using HDMI Splitter products. These premium cables are available in online retail stores for about $15 or more if you need better quality.

High quality HDMI video splitter products are available for getting a shared connection between set-top boxes, DVD players or other similar HDTV devices. While HDMI technology is still in early stages as compared to other relative technologies, HDMI splitter has successfully adapted to consumers’ needs.

Some advanced HDMI splitter products also come with built-in distribution amplifier that is used to enhance the separated signals before transmitting them to connected HDMI display panels. HDMI Distribution amplifier 1×2 splitters are available for about $75.

While generally for home application a 1×2 HDMI splitter is suitable, for special applications in classrooms and corporate offices, 1×8 or 2×8 HDMI splitters are also available for about $225-$275. Full HD (1080p) resolution is supported by all major HDMI Splitter products.

A common HDMI Splitter jock has one freely movable input connection just with HDMI standard port. The input then produces two serial output connections through an adapter which actively splits the signals.

Most standard premium HDMI Splitter cables support extra high resolution videos. Gold plated HDMI connectors are available for better quality and long range. A common HDMI Splitter can broadcast signals to about 15 meters. Cascading of HDMI Splitters is also possible for greater networking.

Some users have reported problems with cheap HDMI Splitter cables. According to some who have tried such products, these cables are not capable of splitting signals that are carried over for more than 20 feet through HDMI cable. This is one of the fundamental problems with HDMI cables. Users have reported similar problems even when not using HDMI splitter.

Source by raica mortensen