NETCAT-Solar Mole Repellent Pack of 2 Outdoor Sonic Pest Deterrent Mole Chaser Vole Eliminator Gopher Repeller for Yard Lawn Garden (2 Pack)

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Why choose our mole repeller? 1. Effective-Compared with the plastic pipe, our aluminum pipe can transmit the beeping noise(every 30 seconds) more efficiently, thus more reliable on repelling those moles. 2. Durable-With the surface oxide treatment, we can assure you that the aluminum pipe we adopt is more durable and corrosion resistant 3. Economical-Solar Powered with rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery. No extra cost and natural resources. 4. Water proof – Suitable for all weather conditions. 5. Harmless-No harm to huaman and petsEmits sonic pulse every 30 seconds: NETCAT solar powered sonic pest repeller produces underground penetrating vibrating sonic sound pulses
A poison-free way to drive away burrowing pests: While pets are not affected, moles, voles, gophers, shrews and other burrowing rodents
Wide coverage: NETCAT solar powered sonic pest repeller radiates in all directions, covering up to 650 square meters (approximately 7,000 sq. ft.)
Working day and night: NETCAT solar powered sonic pest repeller is powered by a solar cell, a rechargeable accumulator collecting power
SAFE FOR KIDS & PETS: Our sonic mole repellent is the way to go for families w/ furry friends and wee tots