Nature PowerPak 1800-Watt Portable Solar Generator Starter Kit with 100-Watt Solar Panel for Off-grid, Tailgating, RV, Cabin, Emergency, Job site power

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An environmentally friendly power generator, with no fuel costs. This solar powered generator can be set up in just a few minutes, then, all you have to do is start plugging your appliances. The Nature PowerPak Solar Generator will run both AC & DC appliances, without producing noise, or fumes. There is no maintenance and most importantly no fuel required! Equipped with a sealed lead acid deep cycle 80 Amp hour battery, is maintenance free and enclosed in an heavy duty outer cases. This unit provides 1800 watts of electricity of perfect power. 3600 watts surge power and 1440 watts of continuous power.Provides up to 1800-Watt of Pure Power; includes 6x 120V AC outlets, 12V DC outlet, and 2 USB ports
Silent running, no fuel needed and no fumes
Digital display shows power source and available power
Recharge options: PowerPak Via AC outlet or via the included 90-Wall Solar Panels. Aux battery box via solar panel
Includes: 1800-Watt PowerPak, 100-Watt solar panel for portable power; 1.5W solar battery maintainer for when the generator is not in use; and luggage style hand cart to take generator anywhere