Mophorn Wind Generator 300W DC 12V Wind Turbine High Efficiency Wind Turbine Generator Kit 6 Blades Wind Energy 3 Phase Hyacinth

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300w 6 Blades Low Start Speed Wind Generator Turbine for Homes


P300W Hyacinth Wind Turbines feature maintenance free design, high reliability and consistent performance. The result: greater energy production yield for all wind speeds and lowest ownership cost. This wind turbines lead the small wind turbine industry by eliminating problematic mechanical furling over speed control which requires a lot of maintenance and causes wind turbine failure, can improves the reliability and performance by advanced electromagnetic speed limitation supplemented by aerodynamic speed limitation by blade deformation. Electromagnetic braking is used in combination with Aerodynamic braking to reduce the rotational speed of the generator in high wind condition.

Technical Parameters:



Rated power:300W;Max power:350W

Rated DC voltage:12V

Rated current:25A/12.5A

Rated speed:900r/m

Number of blade:6 pcs

Starting wind speed: 3m/s

Cut-in wind speed: 4m/s

Cut-out wind speed:15m/s

Security wind speed:40m/s

Rated wind speed:12.5m/s

Rotor diameter:1140mm

Working temperature:-45°C-70°C

Over-speed wind protection:Tip stall protection + turned protection + Electromagnetic brake

Equipment surface protection:Aluminum oxide + plastic coating

Life span:15 years

Packing dimension:650mm*400mm*320mm

Package Included:

1.Wind turbine

2.6 pcs of blades and 1 empennage

Rated power:300w; Max power:350w;Rated speed:900r/m.
Low start up speed, high wind energy utilization, beautiful appearance and low vibration.
The lower blade rotation speed of 6-blade wind turbine will lower wind turbine noise andmake 6-blade wind turbines more community friendly
Wind turbine includes generator, 6 blades, tail and hardware. Specified materials for corrosion resistance to sea and salt water. Built in automatic and manual breaking system to protect from sudden and high wind speed.
This wind generator is popular wind turbine in home yard, boats, advertising signs, telecommunications tower, etc.