MISOL 1000W (600W + 400W) Hybrid Wind solar charge controller, Solar Charge Controller, wind regulator, 12V 24V wind charge controller

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This listing includes: 1 unit of hybrid solar wind charge controller

Max. Power: 1000W (wind turbine 600W + PV cells 400W)

Suitable for 12v/24v system

LCD display

Overcharge / over discharge protection


LCD display with input keys to allow user to alter values

The unit will store information such as Total amps generated, Total Kw hours generated, Amps used by load

Connection of both solar and wind

Auto sensing of voltage of batteries connected (12v/24v)

Preventing overcharging and over discharging to ensures the battery is maintained in best possible condition

Automatic braking of the turbine when battery fully charged and/or no load connected

Automatic braking of the turbine when charge current is too high i.e. in very high winds

Manual brake switch, also have remote brake interface.

A “Load” output where external devices can be switched on and off at user determined voltages.

The “Load” output is also current limited to protect the connected device

Night lamp control: when the Light dimmed load will automatically open, when the light is illuminated, the load will automatically close.


Rated Power:1000W (wind turbine 600W, PV cells 400W)

Battery voltage: 12/24v

Night lamp control: On:5.93V/11.87V off:2.96V/5.93V

Battery full charge cut: 14.4V/28.8V(default, adjustable)

Battery low voltage disconnect load: 10.5V/21V(default, adjustable)

Battery low voltage reconnect voltage: 12.55V/25.10V(default, adjustable)

Max Charge current: 40A (default, adjustable)

Load current: 15A (default, adjustable)

Recovery time after the automatic braking: 30S (default adjustable)

No load loss: ≤40mA

Dimensions: 278* 133*75mm

Net Weight: 1.7kg

Working environment: Environment temperature:-10℃~+50℃, Relative humidity 0~90%Suitable for: wind turbine 600W, PV Cells 400W
Suitable for 12v or 24v system
LCD display
Overcharge/Over Discharge Protection
Wind charge controller 600w