Milliard Folding 14W Solar Panel Charger for Cell Phones/Tablets and other USB Devices, Perfect when no Wall Outlets or Power Outages – Compatible with IPhone Samsung and much More

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Smartphones are great companions while hiking and camping, but while you’re getting in touch with nature, your phone may be using up its battery trying to get in touch with a cellular signal. Since there are no naturally occurring wall outlets in the great outdoors, let Milliard satisfy your phone’s need to feed with our Folding Solar Charger.

Product Features

• 4 high efficiency solar panels (14 watt)
• Two high-output USB ports supply up to 2 amps to a single device, or 2.4 amps total for simultaneous charging of devices
• Universal compatibility with all mobile devices that charge via USB
• Solid Metal eyelets are built-in for attachment to walls, backpacks, tents, and more
• Storage pouch holds charging cables until they’re needed

Harness the Power of the Sun

Unlike your phone, the sun has limitless energy – free and up for grabs. In the same way a barrel collects rainwater, the solar charger collects the sun’s rays to charge even the thirstiest smartphones and tablets, but it still folds into a compact package that fits easily in a backpack or beach bag. Let Milliard back you up on:

• Hiking
• Camping
• Beach trips
• Barbeques

Master Disasters

Anticipating a big storm? Flight canceled? Lost in the woods? Keep your phone charged for when you need it! Even if you’re stranded without power, the sun always shines day after day. The solar charger can collect sunlight on a windowsill, on your backpack, or on the side of your tent to charge your devices, or even fill a power bank for use later.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All Milliard products are manufactured with safety, quality, and comfort in mind and we are glad to make our consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal.Collapsible solar panel charges phones and tablets without wall outlets! Built-in metal eyelets for durable attachment points to walls, tents, and backpacks
High efficiency 14-watt monocrystalline tandem solar cell array equipped with 4 panels and solar conversion technology. LED light indicates solar collection activity.
Dual, quick-charging USB ports can supply up to 2 amps to a single device, or 2.4 amps total to two devices for simultaneous charging of smartphones or tablets. Compatible with all Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.
Water-resistant against light rain and splashing. Built-in storage pouch hides cables when not in use.
Folded size: 10x7x1 – Unfolded size: 33x10x0.2 – Output: USB x2 5V/2.4A Max Total