Mild Earthquake Hits Southeast Missouri

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Missouri experiences a mild earthquake on Nov 7, officials disclosed.

The United States Geological Survey stated that the tremor had a magnitude of 2.8 on Richter scale and its epicenter was located 15 miles away from Cape Girardeau.

Missouri comes under New Madrid seismic zone; however, earth activities are concentrated in the southeastern part of the state.

Geological Survey further stated that the effects of tremor with a focal point in eastern Missouri were felt even in St. Louis. Louis and Memphis in Tenn.

The survey's website reports that prior to this earthquake, a tremor with magnitude of 2.1 on Richter scale was felt on Nov1 near Blytheville, Ark, which was considered as a normal incident in Missouri.

The historical records of earthquakes reveal that Missouri was completely tremor-free before the beginning of 19th century. The New Madrid seismic zone has been experiencing earthquakes since year 1699. At present, this area is known as Memphis in Tennessee. There are many geological evidences which support this fact. This incident was documented by a French missionary which recorded this incident in their written account during their voyage to Memphis.

The strongest ever earthquake in the United States occurred on Nov 9, 1968. Its epicenter was in Southern Illinois. The magnitude of this earthquake was 5.5 on Richter scale and its impact was felt in 23 states of the United States. The tremor was so strong that it damaged chimneys and walls at Hermann, St Charles, St Louis, and Sikeston, Missouri.

Source by Gunjanpriya Jha