Malamute Rugged AA Battery Storage Case – Holds 8, Traction Feet, Made in the USA

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Keep your batteries organized, secure and quiet with the Malamute Rugged AA Battery Case. The slim profile and durable construction make it perfect for home storage or while on the go.

* Less than an inch thick, the Rugged AA Battery Case slides easily into pockets, bags or drawers.

* WEATHER RESISTANT and perfect for outdoor activities, it keeps your batteries secure and QUIET – reduces the annoying ‘click-clack’ noise you get with other cases while in motion.

* The molded liner keeps batteries in place and separates contacts to prevent shortage draining. A translucent lid with double locking clasps allows you to see the contents while keeping them secure.

* MADE IN THE USA from RECYCLED material. Keep in your glove compartment for a emergency flashlight or slide into a backpack, photography or range bag.

Organizes 8 AA batteries in a rugged, secure case. Crush, drop and weather resistant. Molded liner separates contacts. (Batteries not included.)
Double snap closures keep batteries secure. Traction ‘feet’ keep case stable on smooth surfaces.
Great for TSA carry-on battery guidelines. Easily fits drawers, pockets or glove boxes.
Slim, sleek design, measures 4.5″ x 3″ x .9″. Yellow liner, translucent case.
Made in the USA from recycled plastic.