Make a Wind Turbine – A Simple and Easy Way to Save $ 1000's

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With the sudden rise in the price of electricity, people are now looking at alternative ways to generate electricity for their homes. One such method is learning how to make a wind turbine. Another is building a solar panel. Making a wind turbine is in my opinion the easiest option of the two, so we shall focus on that. However, both methods are fairly easy projects to do.

The most important thing that you will require is a good, solid, easy to follow guide on how to put one of these together.

You may ask yourself:

Can I really make one of these?

Can I really produce my own electricity for free?

Well the answer is yes on both counts. The parts required can be picked up from your local hardware store. You can even recycle old auto parts to help build your wind turbine. You can find all the parts you need around you. The blades should be 8 feet in diameter and ideally made of wood. An ordinary car battery will work well for holding the electricity. The DC motor will be the most expensive part to get.

You can indeed produce your own electricity for free. The bigger the turbine you have, the more power you can produce. Some people choose to have a wind turbine and solar panel installed, to maximize the amount of electricity you can produce.

You can also still stay connected to the grid, as backup, if you feel uncomfortable about anything breaking down or just for peace of mind. With the right tools and some space in your workshop, you should be able to make a wind turbine inside a weekend. Maybe within a day, if you know your DIY.

Let's not forget, that by going green and learning how to make a wind turbine, you will be using one of the cleanest forms of energy around, as well as doing your bit for the environment. To get one of these systems professionally installed, it may cost you anything up to $ 20,000, and in turn may take up to 15 years to see a good return in investment. When you make your own wind turbine or solar panel, you may be surprised that each project should cost no more than $ 200 each.

Do not be put off in learning how to make a wind turbine. It really is so much easier than you might think. This article is only the tip of the iceberg. To go into much further detail, please

Source by Robert Nowlan