Make A Small Solar Panel – Build A Home Wind Turbine Generator – How To

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I have produced four comprehensive manuals and Videos on How to make a small solar panel and homemade wind turbine generator for enthusiasts like you.


I have listed 5 of my home energy tips that will reduce your electricity use. I will show you an alternative way to set up your home using small solar panels and a home wind turbine generator and explain how I designed my home to use free solar electricity. Generate more electricity than you need using solar energy you can reduce your electric bill by 50% or more and possibly eliminate your account with the electric company and unlock yourself from the power company.

My step by step  “Make a small solar” panel package contains all kinds of technical data, info on charge controllers, inverters, storage batteries, small solar panel wiring diagrams, how to make a small solar panel, home wind turbine generator and much more for the home owner to create electricity and save money using solar and wind energy.


You will be amazed at how simple and easy the whole Energy System is to set up and I have gone to great detail to explain where and how to source the materials and most important where you can pick up deep cycle batteries to use in your solar system sometimes for free or very cheap and I have been using this method for years with great success.

I am so confident that my manuals will give you all that you need to make a small solar panel and a home wind turbine generator that I am  offering you a 100% risk free 60 day guarantee or your money back if you are not totally satisfied.

One of the most common questions I am asked, how can I reduce my electricity bill? Because every month the account is getting bigger. I would recommend they consider using solar energy to reduce their electricity and the look of horror on their faces suggesting they spend an outrageous price to install solar panels.


Finally the secret is out. Solar panels sold by the retailers cost $1000’s but they don’t mention the fact you can make your own small solar panel for less than $180, also build a homemade wind turbine generator from your own backyard or workshop.

I explain how to use Renewable Energy to reduce your electricity bill by 50% or more and possibly eliminate your account with the electric company
Full solar energy system for the home would be an enormous savings with the ever increasing cost of fossil fuel and the outrageous  sums of money paid to these company CEO’s.
My contain all the information you’ll need to build a complete home energy system and how to store the power and how to connect the power system to your home.

First tip to reducing your electricity use would be not leaving the lights on when you leave the room and not turning on the lights to enter the room to pick something up. Utilise a local light that gives some light into the other rooms and this could be a consideration when you design the lighting for the house.

Second tip would be to open all doors and windows in the middle of the day to allow a breeze to flow through and will you will surprise how cool the house will become.

I will Show you an easy way to set up your home with Renewable Energy and how I design my own home to use free solar electricity. You will follow the same steps I did when I installed my own small solar panel and home wind turbine generator and ways to store the power and how to connect the power system to your home are in my manuals and you will be amazed at the details I have gone to describing the steps


PART B is a fully illustrated manual detailing step by step instructions on how to build a homemade wind turbine generator. What material to use – How to mark out and shape the windmill blades, tail section, different types of motors and lots of detail.

My manual will take you through the procedure building your own professional looking home wind turbine generator. Where and how to find the parts and cheap. My guide on building a home wind turbine generator is the best available.

The wind generator is used together with solar energy to charge the storage batteries or supply solar electricity straight into the house via the switching panel. I will show you how to build your own wind turbine generator for less than $130.

Third tip with heating is to use blankets when the temperature is only mild and leave the heating until extreme low temperature.

Forth tip in rainy weather is not to use the clothes dryer but hang the clothes in a garage or under the veranda.

Creating renewable energy from the sun and the wind has plenty of good points, saving the environment reducing the global green house gases. Cost savings for years following the initial set up costs. Free electricity. Add value to your home.
Make your own solar and wind energy system and reduce your dependence on the power company.

Fifth tip is to re-adjust the thermostat on your hot water system. During summer the setting can be turned down.

Benefits of Small Solar Panels:

Offer Low Maintenance simply keeps the surface of the panels clean.
Clean, quiet, and easy to use.
Consume no fuel and give off no waste
There are no moving parts so there is no mechanical noise.
Generate pure D.C. electricity when exposed to sunlight which is safe and reliable.
Save Money! How much you save is up to you.

I am running my house off my very own small solar panels and saving a ton of CASH each month.

I would recommend you read my manuals if you are interested in building and learning how to generate free electricity to reduce your electricity bill.

You can sit back and enjoy the free electricity forever.

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Source by Bret Parker