MacSafety Products Be-ready: Clip-on Solar Charger

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Keep your phone charged hours longer for all your outdoor activities! Safety and Ease of Use: The charger is useful both for everyday and for disaster preparedness. Everyday charging is done by a wall outlet or car USB jack, then slip it into your bag or hook it on to your backpack for use when your phone battery is low. Safety features include a built-in LED flashlight and solar panel for charging in the event of a power outage. Never again suffer the consequences of a dead phone battery: 1. while taking photos at a family party. 2. while using your gps tracker on a hike or bike ride. 3. while listening to music on the beach. Included Accessories: 1. USB to microUSB charging cable. 2. carabiner hook, for attaching to purse or backpack. Worry-free warranty: MacSafety Products are backed by a generous 12-month warranty. This special pricing is available for only a short time.Outdoor-friendly, built with silicone rubber covers over ports to protect from rain, dirt, sand and dust, shockproof case resists damage when dropped
Great for travel charge your phone when you are not near an electrical outlet, Lightweight design fits in purse or pocket
Safety and security, useful during power outages and for disaster preparedness kits, in addition a led flashlight is integrated into the charger case
Compact, portable and stylish design, lithium polymer battery is one of the safest in the world
Instant power when you need it, perfect for road trips, camping, the beach, concerts and long flights