Litom 20 Big LED Solar Sensor Powered Wall Lights Weatherproof for Outdoor

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Three Sensor Modes

1.Strong Long Light Mode : when fade into darkness ,the light will keep strong and bright until itself dies.

2. Dim Light Sensor Mode : when in dark night , the light will be dim without people coming near, however become bright if people comes, and the bright light will last 15 seconds until it returns to dim light again.

3. Strong Light Sensor Mode : In night, the light will be strong bright when people comes , then 15 seconds later, the light dies automatically.

20 LED Lights Shine Brighter

Compared to other similar lights in the market, this Litom LED Light just shines brighter due to the more powerful LED lights , and a higher-capacity battery.

Strong Sensor Ballhead

The updated PIR motion sensor and ray sensor get more powerful that it can detect people within 30 feet! 


For any possible defective products, please contact us first, we will offer you a replacement or refund you.

Efficient Solar Panel : this updated solar panel can quickly absorb sun rays and generate electricity for light.
Three Intelligent Modes : Strong Long Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode, Strong Light Sensor Mode are all integrated in this device.
Eight LED Lights : 20 bigger LED lights are brighter than other similar lights in the market.
Greater Sensor Ball Head: Compared to other similar lights, the sensor ball head of Litom Light gets bigger and more powerful so as to have a longer sensor length of 10-26 feet (Note: The sensor length will be affected by the temperature of environment, especially in winter!)
Weatherproof : Two layers of tightly-sealed inner loop allows it to be waterproof, or even weatherproof.