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It seems like every time I go out to look at TV's they just get more and more expensive. When I go out to buy a TV, I only concentrate on getting what I pay for and nothing else. So when I fell across the LD450, I was really happy with its quality. Everything that comes with this TV is good quality and I do not have to fork up too much for it. My whole opinion of the LG brand is not all that great, but it did sway me a little bit reviewing this TV.

It comes with standard equipment, everything that you would normally get when you buy a TV. Looking at the TV does not really bring too much of a sense of creativity to the table. A tiny light on the black on black TV will let you know whenever you have the TV on or if you have it off. If you do not like the blinking button, then you can just make it go away using the controls that are located on the rear face of the TV. That part is actually nice because you can not see any chords sticking out of the front, which I hate. HDMI n's are on the television, but I know some are not going to like this aspect of the TV if they have more than two of these that they need hooked up. The two speakers that accompany the model are adequate enough in their sound quality. Unfortunately, the same problem of not enough outputs comes into play here with only one for the specific speakers.

For a 50 Hz set, this one pretty one blew me away with the beautiful picture it puts up. Whether you're just sitting back watching a regular cable or satellite, you're going to be really happy with what you get. You're going to be paying a lot less for something that most television sets charge buckets for. Calibration really is not a problem if you want to do it but the picture really is not bad straight of the shelf. What I really thought was a good addition was the ability to customize the picture quality to your specifications using different subject matter.

It even has a USB port on it. Now the things you would usually only be able to view on your computer, you can view on the TV. It would be ideal if anyone who buys this also inserts in a universal remote. The formats that are compatible with this TV are different and really depend on what you want to use. This makes doing things like watching HD movies, really easy to do.

You probably will not find something that has good quality picture for any cheaper. If you really do not need much to just enjoy a regular standard television, with a few hook-ups this would be a good choice for you. Being able to sit down and check out the HD is also a pretty penny I can look forward to not spending. It's a great buy off and you'll only pay about $ 570 for a new one.

The Main Components A Nicely Displayed LCD

42-inches in width

42-inches in length

It has 1080 HD

High res of 1920 x 1080

ED-Res of 1080p

A contrast ratio of 100,000: 1

4 milliseconds of response time

2 HDMI ports

2.0 USB usage for media

A 60,000 hour life

Parts and Labor included in a 1-yr. Warranty

Video Components An engine with XD

An Aspect Ratio of 16: 9

6 Modes available for mode correction

178 degree angle at which to view

3 modes for temp control

1080p Source of Input through HDMI

7 different modes for picture

Ready for ISFccc®

Comes with the Picture Wizard 2

3 modes for Av including Cinema, Sports, and Games

Has real cinema in 24p

Has a 3: 2 ratio pulldown

Has a reset for picture

Color is in XV

A DTV signal for strength

AUDIO Components Has MTS and SAP

$ Speakers that go 2 ways

Has a digital decoder though Dolby

Surround Sound is through Infinite

Controlling for Treble, Bass and Balance

Has the Clear Voice 2

Has an automatic leveler for volume control

5 different modes for EZ sound

Specialty Components Has a smart energy saver

Has controlling for backlights

AV navigation for inputs

Labeling for inputs

A quick view

Have parental controls along with the v-chip

Key locking available



Comfort Have languages ​​available in English, French, Spanish and Korean

Automatic programming and tuning

Adding and deleting channels

Programming for your favorite channels

An Automatic or manual clock

Tier you can put on or off

Timer set to sleep mode

When there is no video it has automatic off and sleep

Side-by-side ins and outs All in 1 AV

Has one HDMI ™ / HDCP Input (1.3 w / Deep Color)

Has a 2.0 USB for both music and photos

An out for headphones

Back ins and outs Input for antenna and cable

An input for AV

One input for video components

Output for digital audio

A HDMI ™ / HDCP Input (1.3 w / Deep Color)

An input for RGB

One input for PC audio

Input for RS-232c control and service

Accessories on cabinet A black cabinet color

Swivel Stand – or + 20 degrees

Unified remote control

VESA® Compliant 200mm both width and in height

Optional items A slim wall mount is sold separately

Systems for Broadcasting A tuner built into device

Overall power Has Voltage, Hz 100V ~ 240 volts and 50/60 Hz

180 Watt average

Stand-by Mode is less than 0.1W

Sizes and Weights

(WxHxD) 40.2 "x 25.0" x 3.0 "- not including the stand

(WxHxD) 40.2 "x 27.0" x 10.3 "-including the stand

Weight 29.8 lbs.-without stand

Weight 33.3 lbs.-with stand

41.7 lbs. For shipment

Source by Freeha Irfan Ahmed