Large Solar Farm Cleaning

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86442 Panel Cleaning (Selling this system. $20k, machine, spare parts, 25gpm pressure washer, hose and hose reel. Serious inquires only.



16 thoughts on “Large Solar Farm Cleaning

  1. pandey satyendra

    what is the size of plant and howmany panels in the plant and what is size of the plant and with in howmuch period it clean the solar panels what is the cost of such cleaning on MW basis. what are the machinary etc utilised for it

  2. Anibal Durand

    Dear Clifford, there will be some website where you can have more information on the cleaning equipment, technical specifications, demonstrations of your performance, company that builds it and the cost.

  3. Jamie Mccarty

    Did you invent the cleaner that is cleaning them? I've been pressure washing panels now for a couple years, it takes about 5 seconds to clean 1 panel which isnt bad..but this is the method I wanted to end up doing as well.. genius. good work. If you sell the cleaning tool i would be very interested in purchasing one. Thanks

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