LadyHouse 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Lady-Angel Tears(C2)

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Crystal necklace with a clean soft cloth to wipe after wearing jewelry, can it maintain its luster! If printed on fingerprints or stained crystal, can use soft and contains no fluff cloth for crystal dust, dust collection efforts to put light, be free of dust on the surface of the scraping the broken crystal. Do not rinse the crystal necklace, to avoid an indelible watermark. Avoid crystal necklace long exposure to moisture in the air or strong sunlight, in order to prevent the dark crystal becomes and faded. Please avoid crystal necklace contact contain chemical cleaners, and other items, in the bath, face and hands, wash dishes, such as swimming cases do not wear the crystal act the role ofing is tastedNecklace is one of the human body decoration, is the earliest jewelry.
People in order to beautify the human body itself, since also beautify the environment, manufacturing all kinds of different style, different characteristics, different style necklace, meet different color, different nationalities, different style
Among them, the colour red gold, 18 k gold necklace, 14 k three; The color-forming 9215% silver content in silver and silver gilt two; Used as a necklace jewelry with diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, jade, natural pearls and other advanced materials, also have agate, coral, jade, ivory, cultured pearls, low-level materials etc.
Wear necklace with their age and body coordination. Such as neck slender lady wearing imitation silk chain, more exquisite beautiful; Curb chain tournus, mature, suitable for older women.
Necklace size depends on the people, thick neck, size bigger, smaller conversely. High collar, the size of the necklace is not too long, otherwise the pendant is unfavorable to reveal