L-1500 EMP Bag

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This bag, designed for the Lion Energy L-1500( or use with other electronics) protects your items from unexpected electrical interference. Electromagnetic pulses (or EMPs) can disrupt and even damage your electronics, but this bag, made of woven copper mesh, will block any harmful frequencies. It is lightweight and easy to fold up and pack. The EMP bag is made of thick, sturdy material that can withstand movement and weight.Measurements 14.72″ W x 24.25″ H x 11.02″ D
Meets military standard: MIL-STD-461F RS-105 (50kV/m^2 Transient Electromagnetic Field Radiated Susceptibility Test)
The EMP bag protects against EMPs HEMPs Lightning Solar flares Other transient electromagnetic fields
Includes bonus Gray EMP pouch pictured.
(Electronics not included)