Krillin Is An ABSOLUTE MONSTER (Dragonball Super)

In this video, we go over the powers of Krillin in Dragonball Super Episode 84, and his controversial victory over Ultimate Gohan and pitched fight against Super Saiyan Blue Goku! Just how strong is Krillin now? Why did he do so well? What are Krillins new techniques? Why was the Solar Flare x100 and Destructo Disc so much more powerful?

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For many Sagas of Dragonball, Krillin has slowly been casted into a pool of irrelevance in terms of power, but now, with Dragonball Super Episode 84 we see a massive return of all the Z Fighters, with Krillin being no exception. He uses his new honed skills and techniques to even take out a casual Ultimate Gohan! He even has a pitched fight vs God Essence Goku? Just what happened here?!

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