Intensifying energy relations between China and Brazil

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State Grid Corporation of China, largest supplier of electricity in China is providing energy investment around 989 million USD, for purchasing seven Brazilian power companies and their transmission links. This purchase venture of State Grid Corporation is an attempt to expand overseas and is the first venture for the company to emerge in non-Asian markets. The investments made by State Grid Corporation include an agreement to operate transmission lines over 3000 kilometer for more than three decades and these lines would pass through the largest metropolises of Brazil. China consumes tremendous amount of energy in the world, equally it is leading the global energy market. State Grid Corporation has largely regulated in China are seeking for foreign markets to gain more profits. The government authorities declared that, the energy requirements of Brazil and China are increased rapidly along with their economies and the bilateral relation between these countries has a greater prospect in the power sector. State Grid Corporation mastering the energy market of China said that, the revenue for the company from their Brazilian transmission sectors are higher than from China, where State Grid Corporation is operating heavily. Rich details on making energy investments, different possibilities of energy investments, most useful guide on energy Investments can be found here.

The Chinese energy investments towards Brazilian companies are expected to reach nearly ten billion USD for exploring the offshore oil and natural gases. Banks are intensifying the energy investments for solar energy projects and they are interested to support renowned players. SunEdison, the groundbreaker and leading global player in the solar energy arena will receive a construction loan of 50 million USD from Rabobank, for establishing solar power projects in the United States. SunEdison uses the energy loans for constructing solar projects for small business customers and many private utilities have become more comfortable with the construction of solar power projects. Thomas Emmons, head of Renewable Energy Group of Rabobank New York asserted that, the bank welcomes private parties interested to produce investments for solar energy projects and recently JPMorgan has given nearly 60 million USD as energy investment to fund the solar power project carried by SunEdison.

Solyndra Inc, solar power system producing company located in San Francisco Bay Area declared, the company is ceasing the operation one of its factories to spare nearly 60 million USD in capital expenditure, discontinuing many contracts signed with employees. The premier chief executive officer of Solyndra Inc. Chris Gronet has de-escalated many projects of the company and the most expected initial public offering due to the large market risks. Solyndra Inc. designs and produces solar power panels and photovoltaic system for the United States.

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