iMeshbean® 500W MPPT Grid Tie Power Inverter Converter for Wind Turbine Wind Energy 10.8V – 30V DC to 90-130V AC Stackable

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More Models are available

SUN-250G: B004TVEF8Y, Wind-250G: B008BDAQDY

Sun-300G: B005N2WHDI, Wind-300G (10.8V ~ 30VAC) : B007WQBK2C, Wind-300G (10.8V ~ 30VDC): B005N2OLZU

Sun-500G: B008CNM1SQ, Sun-S500G-HI: B005N29SGM

Wind-500G (10.8V ~ 30VAC): B007WQDKMA, Wind-500G-HI (22V ~ 60VAC): B007X0L2C0

Wind-500G (22V ~ 60VDC): B007X0OVGO

Sun-600G: B007XAEINU, Sun-600G -HI (10.8V ~ 30VDC): B005N2VLO4

Sun-1000G-HI (10.8V ~ 30VDC): B007XAP0V4


This model grid-tie has build in bridge rectifier and dump load controller, it can maintain the rotating speed of the wind turbine and keep the voltage from the wind turbine always at the range of the rated range of the grid tie inverter. It also has a high voltage protection function, when the wind is too big, and the dump load controlling system can’t keep the output voltage from the wind turbine, the controller will disconnect itself from the wind turbine, so it is very safe to be used.

There are 4 terminals on the left side of the inverter, one red terminals and one black will be connected to the phase output from the wind turbine, and 2 black terminals will be connected to dump load resistors.

Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 45 centigrade

Normal AC Output Power:450W; Maximum AC Output Power:500W; Peak Inverter Efficiency: 92%
AC Output Voltage Range: 90V ~ 130V; DC Input Voltage Range: 10.8V ~ 30V; Total Harmonic Distortion(THD):<5%; Power Factor: 0.99
AC Output Frequency Range: 46Hz ~ 65Hz; Output Current Waveform:Pure Sine-wave; Standby Power consumption:<0.5W
Features:MPPT Function/Over Current Protection/Over Temperature Protection/Reverse Polarity Protection/Island Protection/Stackable
Package Includes: Power inverter and Power cord.