How to Prevent the Wind Sounds in Your Ears From Tinnitus

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Having to endure a constant sound in your ears for hours at a time would certainly be disturbing, even for the most patient individuals. Tinnitus is the illness that can have a feeling that sounds like wind blowing, that whistling effect in your ear or ears for hours in one day. It can also sound like a buzzing or ringing sound, it seems to vary from person to person, regardless it can be quite a nuisance and those that suffer from it are typically willing to try anything to get rid of it.

Tinnitus can begin by something as simple as a poor diet or not enough sleep, it can also be caused by an ear blockage or infection inside the ear that the patient may not even be aware of. To begin treating the windy noises, you truly should have it evaluated with a specialist or your family physician as they can inform you of any underlying condition that needs attention or give you some form of facts as to why this is occurring. Secondly, you will need to look at your lifestyle and see how it measures up to one of good health. If you smoke, drink alcohol frequently or have difficulty sleeping at night you are a walking target for Tinnitus.

Change your life in baby steps if necessary, begin decreasing the amount you smoke little by little each day versus quitting cold turkey if that’s too challenging. Don’t place yourself in social situations where alcohol plays a major role until you have weaned yourself from that as well. Think about which types of physical activities you enjoy and engage in those a few times per week to get active and start on healthy path. Individuals with high blood pressure and not enough activity in their lives happen to be great candidates for Tinnitus. By getting activity in your weekly schedule and sticking to it, your blood pressure is instantly decreased, hence so is the Tinnitus.

Being healthy changes your body from the inside out with a domino effect. Once you begin exercising and eating a better diet, you begin to sleep better at night as a result of those minor changes. The Tinnitus symptoms can be so persistent and disrupting to one’s daily routine that these small steps in taking better care of your body will ultimately diffuse the windy noise episodes and in some cases stop them completely.

Another side note for those who suffer from the ear ringing, is to carefully watch the volume control on all your televisions and radios. Surrounding yourself with loud noises can cause Tinnitus to develop and also make it a chronic condition. Even for those that work in factories with loud and heavy machinery, always wear ear buds or plugs of any type to buffer some of that extreme noise you were previously exposing your ears to on a regular basis. Your doctor may have some other useful techniques to aide in your quest to prevent the noises in your ears, but these are a great base to start.

Source by Thomas Cochran