How To Optimize Your Auto Body Repair Budget

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If your car is in need of body work, you might be worried about how to find a quality provider who won’t charge an arm and a leg.  However, it’s easier than you might think.  You just need a little basic knowledge and the ability to ask the right questions.  If you know what you’re doing, you can get a quality mechanic who’ll help you get the most out of the money you have to spend.  Let’s look at ways to save when it comes to body repair without having to sacrifice quality.

Many people still believe that exterior repair on a car means replacing whole body panels.  However, that’s not the case in the vast majority of situations.  Problems short of major collisions can be repaired using inexpensive methods, including removing dents and doing refinishing.  All you need to do is talk to your mechanic about your options.  Many will assume that thoroughness is a priority, rather than cost.  Let them know that you need to stretch your budget a little further, and they’ll often be happy to help.

Remember to look for someone who’s knowledgeable about and certified to work on the make and model of car you have.  That will help you get the correct shape and look, even after work has been done.  While roadworthiness is most important, you’ll still want something that looks good.  Make it clear what you want, and let the mechanic know what you can pay.  You’ll be back on the road more quickly than you might think.

If looks are a concern, remember that there are quite a few small touchups and dent removal services that can make things look better, but cost less than a full paint job or panel replacement.  They might not fix things to factory specs, but if you’re on a budget, they may be good enough.  Be sure to ask the shop how they do their work, what the expected time till you receive the car is, and what kinds of work they do.  Not every auto body shop handles every problem.

Don’t put off getting repairs done because you think they’ll be expensive.  Letting some damage go, such as rust, can result in a much more expensive repair later on.  Ask yourself what needs repaired, then take the car in and see what can be done.  Decide if replacement is a viable option.  It can have a better result than a repair, but it’ll also cost more.  

Do you need to get a rental while your car is in the shop?  If you can’t get a ride elsewhere, you may have to.  Think this over and include any rental costs in your auto body repair budget.  In some cases, a quicker, less attractive repair will be better, because it’ll save you the cost of missed work or rental cars.  Just be sure that your repaired vehicle is still safe for the road.

Look for a shop that handles your vehicle and personnel you feel comfortable with.  Remember to discuss everything with them, and you’ll have a much easier time staying within your budget and getting your car repaired, too.

Source by Joe Pelliccia