How to Install Solar Panels On Your Car!

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This handy guide shows you how easy it is to install Voltaic’s 17 Watt solar panels on the roof of your car, using magnets.



13 thoughts on “How to Install Solar Panels On Your Car!

  1. Craig Meyer

    Hang on. The Voltaic 17-watt panel only has screw-studs on the corners. But you didn't put the magnets on the corners. You put them on the edges.

    How did you do this? Did you drill holes through the panel? And that went OK? (etc.)

  2. anotherOneMore7

    Very nice. One thing I was unclear about… do these panels stay in place all the time or do you put them on the roof at particular times? I'm wondering about driving, highway driving, and how the magnets would hold up. It sounds like you said something about that but I'm not sure I fully understood your comment. Thanks.

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