How to Install a 12 Volt Solar Panel on an Allotment Shed/Workshop

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So today I installed a solar panel to power some lighting on my allotment. I also intend for it to power a USB port and a couple of fans. It has the capacity to power …



23 thoughts on “How to Install a 12 Volt Solar Panel on an Allotment Shed/Workshop

  1. Shaun Dobbie

    Lol with the amount of money I have spent on solar panels and batteries for a shed, I could have bought a house by now. My shed can charge an electric car and power the house.

  2. mark g

    nice solar set up looks simple enough…I'm looking at getting one set up in next few weeks…can you send me a link for the panels mark ….I'm thinking of maybe 6 I'm hoping to run enough lighting to carry on threw the winter

  3. Kelvin Kersey

    hi Mark, can I ask…? I put a 12v panel on the greenhouse roof, just to experiment and play and discover, with an old 12v battery out of a motability scooter and a digital thermometer, which has been working great. Then I added a photocell switch and two 10w lamps , and it worked!! for one night :-(. Next morning the battery showed 3/4 full (I guess that's what the 4 lights are for), so I guessed it would charge during the day. But 10pm it's all dead, nothing. Would you say there just wasn't enough sun, it was a dull day, or is it more likely the battery is too far gone? Would it work if I get a new battery? Thanks

  4. Samuel Morton

    How much did the set-up cost? AM thinking of doing the same down my plot.

    Was thinking of using it to power a drip irrigation system on a timer.

    Thanks for the vid!

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