How To Generate Free Electricity – Living Off The Grid

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If you are looking for ways to generate your own free electricity for your household instead of relying on the power company, keep reading. When come to generating your own electricity, there are a number of ways that you can do so. I will show you three major ones in this article.

The Solar Power

What about the solar power? It is by far the most obvious choice when coming to renewable energy sources. Solar power can be converted using solar collectors to provide hot water for your household or using solar panels to generate electricity you’re your home appliances. Its advantages include the following:

  • Solar power is wide available and abundant
  • Environmental friendly
  • Low cost setup

Solar power is a good choice but they do also have some disadvantages. The sun doesn’t shine 24 hours and not all year round. So you are not going to be able to generate solar energy constantly. What you will need is to store the solar energy so that you can use them when you need electricity during the night.

The Wind Power

Using the wind power to generate electricity has some advantages:

  • Low environmental impact
  • Cost saving in the long term though there is a significant start up cost involved in installation
  • Increase value of your property

Apart from these advantages, the amount of power that you can get really depend on the location where there is wind blowing consistently and strongly.

The Magnetic Force

There are people who are searching for a way that is truly independent that do not rely on any power sources like the sun or the wind. Is there one? The answer is yes. It is to use the magnet force and you will probably come across this as ‘Zero Point Energy Generator’. So what is this generator? It is a generator that uses magnet and its magnetic force to induce perpetual motion that generates free electricity. It is a revolutionary invention which was invented by Ludwig Brits and John Christie in year 2001. The above 3 ways are the most obvious choices if you are considering generating free electricity to help power your home. There are some guides in the market today that can help you build your own solar panels, wind turbines and magnetic force generator. These guides are not only in-expensive but have detail step-by-step manuals (some even have videos).

Source by Frankie Siah