How to Build a Wind Generator – Save Tons of Money on Electricity

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In these times when global warming, severe weather and health concerns are issues that people talk about on a daily basis, finding alternative energy and green options are critical toward preserving the planet and its ever decreasing resources. And with that, many people should want to know how to build a wind generator. Some people are actually building a wind generator, but you and a lot more people should do the same, as there are plenty of benefits.

Wind turbines can be built by anyone, and so we are going to talk about how to go about doing it. You will need several items such as the motor, steel and lathe. Head to a general hardware store to purchase the power and hand tools needed to construct the wind generator.

Make sure that you also know how big your windmill will be. If you build a wind generator that produces 2,000 watts of power or more, you will need some very strong construction efforts. Smaller wind generators, those that range from about 8 feet to 11 feet tall and generate 1,000 watts of power can be made out of car parts. With consistent dedication, the wind turbine can be built within a week. My suggestion is to build a smaller wind turbine. If successful, go ahead and build a large generator.

A very important task in creating your windmill is being able to weld steel and have a metal lathe handy. A lot of us do not have this option, and when we want to know how to build a wind generator, this is critical. If you are one of those people, hire a welder or go to a machine facility. The other thing to consider is that suburban homes are not ideal to make a wind generator successful.

Large trees and tall buildings can impede in the wind gains, and that is a detriment to what you really want to do, capture the wind and harness that natural energy. Try to find an open area such as a hilltop, which is the best solution. Unfortunately, we all do not live on a hill. You can compensate for that by creating a wind generator that is very tall. Thus, it captures a large amount of wind constantly. However, be aware of your neighbors and how it affects their living. They may not know how to build a wind generator, so it is up to you to be successful.

If you are home conscious or energy conscious, then try to build a small generator. If you have a generator with 2 meter blades, it will produce 500 kilowatts per hour of electricity every year. A home consumes about 4500 kilowatts of energy per hour each year. So keep in mind which way the wind generator faces, as turbulence and output is of a major concern.

Make sure to purchase an anometer to track the wind velocity. Also be sure to purchase other measuring items such as furling, a regulation system and slip rings.

Finally, do your homework and get yourself the right manual to help you. Learning how to build a wind turbine takes time, but if you put that time in and use the knowledge embedded in the proper guides, you will end up with an enjoyable product that produces free energy for your home. Do not fall into the "I'll do it all myself without any help" mode. I've seen many failures and mishaps from this.

Source by Charles Baker