How to Build a Solar Panel – The 5 Keys to Saving 80% Over Pre-Made Panels

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One of the hottest home improvement projects right now is installing solar panels. However, the price tag on pre-made panels is enough to make anyone reconsider. Most pre-made panels, including installation, will cost around $10-$12 per watt. In order to power a typical home, you’re easily looking at over $20,000.

You can learn how to build a solar panel at home for under $200. It can be completed in just one day. Here are 5 keys to savings 80% over pre-made panels:

  1. Get a Great Manual: Before you begin building a solar panel for your home, make sure you get your hands on a great manual. Since you’ll be saving so much on the solar panels, a detailed manual will be an investment you simply won’t want to pass up. Find one that offers video instruction. The time you’ll save will more than make up for the minimal cost.
  2. Purchase Many Supplies at Your Hardware Store: There are kits available for homemade solar panels, but your best bet is to purchase what you need at your local hardware store, such as plywood, sheets of glass, and a roll of copper wire.
  3. Buy the Solar Cells Locally: In most larger cities, there are suppliers who stock the solar, or photovoltaic, cells. You may find a better deal here than an online source.
  4. Avoid the Used Panels: While it may sound like a good money saver to purchase used panels, it’s not. Over time, the efficiency will decrease and some panels will require major repairs. You may not be able to find the replacement parts for some of the older panels any longer, either. It makes more sense to learn how to build a solar panel.
  5. Follow the instructions: A solar panel is not that difficult to build, but make sure you take your time with the first one. Schedule a long weekend for the task, so you aren’t rushed. It really is a project, however, that can be completed in one day.

There you have it: the five keys on how to build a solar panel yourself and save a ton of money. It makes much more sense financially to build your own, rather than pay out ten of thousands of dollars to have pre-made panels installed.

Source by Dave Daelus