How to Align Solar Panels to Solar South

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15 thoughts on “How to Align Solar Panels to Solar South

  1. Redefine Living

    Hey sir, new sub. Thanks for all the info. Please check out some of my stuff and sub back. Hopefully I will be installing my solar in a few years at most. I’m slowly building a off grid property.

  2. Courseskier

    Steve, There is an app called TPE for Android that would save some time. You can place any date of the year in and it will show you the location of the sunrise and the sunset for that date based on the exact location of your phone. Even shows a google maps overlay so you can determine the exact location from where you are standing.

  3. NSNorfolk

    Steve, what an interesting, practical approach. I'm a Coastie so used a compass then offset my south perpendicular line by the compass deviation. It's close but was more difficult (w/out a surveyors transit) and not as elegantly simple as your method. Your videos are very informative and well researched. A BRAVO ZULU from an Engineering Officer who's sitting for the PE exam next year.

  4. timcat100

    Your application only applies to gain maximum harvest, and rightfully so with an off-grid storage system. I am grid tied and since I sell my excess energy to the grid I went for maximum hours of collecting versus maximum harvest, 3 arrays 3 directions. The reason for that is to slow or stop my import charges for as many hours per day as possible. This helps off-set the import charges. I also designed my system to have enough harvest at solar noon's to be able to run my biggest loads, that being the clothes drier. I would say that 90% of my laundry is done with solar throughout the year (3 adults on grid) My 9kW fixed tracking system performs close to a 6 kW tracker. I love it.

  5. al desrochers

    Another very good topic here Steve..  Most of people will just GUESTIMATE their true south…  The SPACE required for placing the array right is another topic by itself.. Since 60% of the population live in city limits or sub citys, they are more limited to mount the solar correctly..  This video is a reel off grid situation MAXIMIZING the solar potential..  RIGHT ON BUDDY!!

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