How Solar Power Can Help India Become A Super-power | Kunal Munshi | TEDxSMIT

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Kunal Munshi through this TEDx talk shares various perspectives and insights on how India could harness solar power to reduce its carbon imprint and …



37 thoughts on “How Solar Power Can Help India Become A Super-power | Kunal Munshi | TEDxSMIT

  1. Poornakumar Das

    How to make this Solar power delivered at the doorstep of every house(forget the Superpower thing, it is infantile stuff)? Solar power is there in sky we to need 'engineer' it to bring it to our doorstep. Solar power is available in the day only & is maximum at noon to wane away to zero at dawn& dusk. In North India (north of the Tropic of Cancer or Vindhyas) it is less than South India. It is more in summer & less in winter. So. we need a sizable, dependable, modern (in Technology), maintainable battery back-up. There needs to be space or room for it in every house. The speaker quoted figures like 4.5 to 6.5 kW-hr./square metre which is the energy figure. Ir should be 4.5 to 6.5 kW-hr./square metre 'per hour' as the energy is raining down all the time every second. He ought to gave used Watts/square metre (about 1376) if he 'was' an electrical engineer as he claims. India's area is 3 million square km or 3 trillion square metres which has peak (noon time) potential of 1146 GW-hr all over the country (if we cover every inch of India's territory). We can practically tap a small part of it.
    Simply put, the point is this. India has no technology, a manufacturing facility nor factory to produces Solar panels. India has no solar panel technology. India missed 'semiconductor' bus in 1960s, when East & South east countries (who were behind India in these matters then) made progress to supply even to the USA. India has totally ignored a very vital matter . None asked a question & everyone is happy. Now India imports them almost all, from PR China.The speaker couldn't care less about this aspect, that he didn't even mention. Where do the Solar panels come from?? But the question should rankle the minds of any patriotic Indian. But Indians are insensitive, least responsible (it is the responsibility of someone else to manufacture & ship it to us; we will pay?). With all this, they want to 'make in India'. What the F***?

  2. nitz vision

    All we need to learn/steal technology of photovoltic cells from Chinese …solar panels are still expensive …I will but electric bike car and use electricity made by solar panels only if solar panel gets cheap ..

  3. Sanket Garade

    Excellent ! I too am fascinated by solar energy. Will install solar at my home once I’m in India. In 2017 December I gave similar talks in 3 engineering colleges in Pune to students and teachers about solar energy and electric vehicles. I too charge my mobile using a small solar panel everyday.

  4. prem kumar

    I appreciate the effort and the strides that we are making in utilizing renewable (especially) solar energy for powering India. In addition to what is discussed in the video, I would also like to suggest one more aspect of solar energy, Solar Thermal-based applications, like solar heating and cooling, thereby reducing the usage of fuel powered boilers and conventional refrigerant cooling systems, thus curbing negative impact on our environment. Active research is being carried out in various laboratories across the world, on utilizing the thermal aspects of solar energy in conjunction with Photovoltaics to boost the efficiency, and increase their utilization in the coming future.

  5. T

    Dude, solve the basic problems ( eg: poverty, sanitary…) in your country first before going to the next frontier. If a country couldnt even provide its citizen a toilet in every house, dont bother making the next leap into other advancement.

  6. Federico Iglesias

    EXCELLENT PRESENTATION …. Congratulations Kunai for your career and accomplishments. Keep up with you good work, and pls.. share more insights so more people gets the news about SOLAR POWER as a solution not only to bring cheap energy, but also jobs.

  7. The Dentist

    environmentalists wake up,even solar energy is not an environment friendly.
    NF3 a greenhouse gas used as a spray to remove excessive silicon from the photovoltaics requires scrutiny

  8. zodiacfml

    Didn't watch it but for it to happen, they have to at least come close or match China's solar power efforts. Investments should pour like how China throws money to huge projects.

  9. peter lang

    if you use third generation solar tech (flexible paper or paint) you can have unlimited solar on the individual level. a great example is the Solar catalyst KBNNO BY YANG BAI OF FINLAND. it lets you make solar powered batteries

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