How Solar Panels Fulfill the Necessities of Home?

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Solar panel is a panel designed to absorb sun’s rays as an energy source for generation of electricity. Solar panels for home were not very famous even a decade ago but plethora of federal and local tax incentives clubbed with increasing worries about climatic changes have given solar panel a popular position in many homes. Apart from generation of energy for electricity installing solar panels decrease the carbon footprints of many domestic arenas which amount to emission of almost 35,180 pounds lesser carbon dioxide per year.

Solar panels are basically photovoltaic cells. In short it can be said that these special batteries absorb sunlight and then transform the sunlight to energy which in terms get converted to electric energy with the help of an inverter. For installing solar panels in home specialized technicians are required. Additional wiring and panel placement are two most important things for installation of solar panels for home. Most of the solar panels come with an assured warranty of around 10 years for the inverter and almost 25 years for the panels. So it is pretty safe and risk free installing this kind of a panel in house.

To offer these awesome benefits of solar panels and to make it a popular household product in the last few years the price has dropped by a huge extent. Few good solar panel companies are employing new methods such as plastic cells, spray painted cells, window panels to make it more affordable and customer friendly. Solar panels are becoming quiet popular nowadays as an alternative form of energy. Compared to fossil fuels and other alternative forms of energy nowadays solar panel has secured a good rank alongside wind and hydropower energy.

Solar panel is also comparatively easy to install in homes. Recent rise in usage and popularity of solar panels are mostly because of lower cost of installation and operation. Also solar panels are available in various sizes hence making it easier for consumer to choose a variant absolutely as per their consumption criteria. Those who install solar panels for home get highly benefited from more efficient energy usage than electricity, as well as decreasing prices after initial installation. With coal, gas and oil prices facing a steep rise in the graph, finding an alternative platform for energy is going to become more essential as consumers look to reduce rather than fuel spiraling demand.

The more recent practicality of solar power prices should consequently continue to pull more and more companies in the business of sustainable energy. Solar panel manufacturers with a wide array of products have also tried to keep the cost low in order to capture a bigger market. There are many businesses that would like to go for this system as a part of their corporate social responsibility. However there are few disadvantages of solar panel as well. The most important disadvantage is that solar energy is available only when the sun is shining. Since solar panels are completely sunlight dependent hence when there is no sunshine it is of no use. Second disadvantage is that it covers the entire roof of the house where it is installed. Thus the roof of the house remains occupied and cannot be used for other purpose. Thirdly solar panels are not completely free of environmental impact.

Source by Coast to Coast Solar