How Many People Use Solar Energy?

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If you are interested in possibly using solar, you might be wondering how many people use solar energy? This can be a difficult to estimate because most solar energy systems are thought of to be electrical which tie to the utility company grid. There are other types of solar uses, such as solar water heating and solar home heating using walls to store the radiant energy from the sun. With all the different types of energy available on our planet, solar energy accounts for a very small amount. Only a very small fraction, like .04 percent is used.

First we must ask ourselves; why do people use solar energy? The sun’s energy is available as a free source of renewable energy from the sun, as radiant or photo voltaic to produce electricity. Many people who live in remote areas of the world must rely on alternative ways to produce electrical power. These remote places can include areas that have no power plants as we know them, or can be developing countries that can not afford to have oil shipped in, however, with solar systems they can have cheap electricity and on cloudy days use wind to supplement their needs.

Here is a rough estimate of solar use worldwide.

  • Solar heat amounts for.5% of the world’s total energy consumption.
  • Solar photo voltaic amounts for.05% of total energy consumption.

Unknown to most people, is that most of the world’s energy resources stem from the sun. Some of this energy is fossil fuel, and some is directly or indirectly used. Fossil fuel was developing over many centuries from the sun’s rays hitting the earth. Looking at solar energy in this way, you could say that the total population of the earth uses solar energy in some form.

If we were just looking at sun’s radiant energy to produce electrical power then we would see that a very small amount of people use solar energy based on the percentage that use other energy sources such as oil and natural gas.

Trying to figure out how many people are using solar energy would almost be fruitless considering that 1/2 of the people may be off the utility company grid. The other half would be on the grid, and then there are those people who choose to build their own solar panels. Then you also have other uses of sun’s energy such as heating swimming pools by using solar water heating.

As you can see this is becoming more and more popular as people look for other ways to save on energy cost. For more information on solar energy visit my web site here: Earth Power Energy Systems.

Source by Jerry Standefer