How Do Wind Turbines Work?

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With high electricity bills and concerns for the environment, many people look for alternative sources of energy. One of the most popular and easy to install is a wind generator.

But how do wind turbines work?

The process is quite simple, really, and looks a lot like the old grain windmills with, of course, a lot of technology advances added over the years. The basic process on how wind turbines work goes like this:

  • The wind blowing moves the blades
  • When the blades move they begin turning a rotational shaft
  • The energy produced goes to a generator and it's converted into DC electricity
  • The DC electricity is then stored in batteries
  • Then a cable drives it to a DC / AC inverter so you can use it for your AC appliances

As you can see, it's an easy process, which is a reason why so many people have had difficulty in building their own wind generators with a basic understanding on how do wind turbines work.

Neverheless, before starting on your wind generator project, here is some information you might find useful:

First, keep in mind that it is a good thing to verify different locations where you're planning to install your wind turbine (s). Checking the strength of the wind and its direction will allow you to find the best and most efficient location for you. Also, it might be beneficial to get this information at different heights, as the wind blows usually stronger on higher grounds. It's pretty easy to adjust the size of the pole holding the wind turbine to fit what suits you best.

Also, depending on where you live, the Government might allow grants or some type of tax benefits to people building alternative sources of energy. Making some research on the subject may enable you to build your wind turbines at a fraction of the cost and is well worth the effort of looking for information on the subject. Oh, and look for the information yourself; do not rely only on a friend or neighbor telling you about it, as he might have been misinformed.

Finally, know that a basic knowledge on how do wind turbines work is almost all you need to get started. And the good news is that many DIY kits are available, explaining you in detail how to proceed to build your own wind turbine, making the project easier to do than ever. A word of caution however: not all guides are created equal. In order to save you time and money, it's a good idea to check some reviews made by professionals and consumers alike. It'll make the experience much more agreeable, knowing you've chosen the best guide available.

So get started today, and you'll find yourself looking forward receiving your electricity bill with a broad smile!

Source by Adam Love